If you are outside PA and do not have a PA area code: PHILLY NEEDS YOUR HELP

Flood 215-776-1261 with inane pointless calls and texts. Make it unusable. This phone number belongs to a tear-gassing PPD officer who is trying to avoid accountability by using his cell phone instead of radio to communicate (where we can track police activity)

Do not use leftist symbols that would indicate his number was leaked

Force the PPD back onto radio so we can track them. Harass this ass.

RUIN 215-776-1261

Please boost this post as far and wide as you can as many instances as you can decentralize this shit like everyone says this place is good for make it so no individual can be traced or held accountable FLOOD FLOOD FLOOD

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@flood is there any way to substantiate this ? I would love to help but I just want to be sure that I'm not attacking some rando, and since you're on a new account it's a little supicious lol

@flood @hyperlink what's the name of this police officer? that's one place to start that doesn't reveal information about yourself.

mastomemes prove nothing, sorry. pineapple emoji.

CW cause longish 

@flood and while I understand that this is information that could be revealing for you to give, it is kind of necessary--how do you know any of this? can you give any explanation for it at all?

you can see how it looks pretty sketchy from here, right? making a throwaway account just to harass a given phone number with a vague explanation could be literally *anything*, from a (least likely scenario) cop honeypot harvesting phone numbers, to "hilarious prank" on a co-worker, to an argument with an ex. and we do have to be careful, with the "Pridefall" op going around.

@hyperlink do you want to be tagged out if this conversation goes on?

CW cause longish 

@troodon I'm requesting only phone numbers outsides Pennsylvania and outside Philly precisely to reduce risk of phone numbers within the domain of PPD being used.

Also this is Mastodon. People know how to make throwaway phone numbers on here

@troodon @hyperlink Sorry! Not revealing sources. I understand why you wouldn't trust me and you are right to be paranoid. Revealing how I got the information puts me at risk. It's a risk for anyone to trust me. I could easily be some fash from GNU/Social it's true.

But, I'm not. And I can't trust you either. So. I hope people have faith in me! I'm putting myself on the line and we'll just have to see if this works.


Looking online, this seems to be a Cingular number, so you should also be able to use computer-based methods to text them as well, e.g. emailing 2157761261 @ cingular . me from burner accounts (ideally also via VPN)

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