Can you trust me? No. I can't prove I'm not 4chan. Anything to prove my identity would allow law enforcement to find me. I'm anonymous. This is how anonymity works.

The best I can do is name Mastodon memes.

Anyway flood 215-776-1261 with pointless inane messages to make it unusable. Bottoms, your keysmashing skills are needed at this time. Noise musicians? Oh boy do you have an audience.

And again. If you have a Pennsylvania area code or are in Pennsylvania please do not participate in this particular action as you are at far higher risk than anyone else who decides to take the risk to help.

But if you can set up some machine that DDoSes a phone number from Omaha or something holy shit that would be wonderful

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Anyway I'm logging off. You probably won't hear from me again. I'm sure some of you already have figured out who I am but please don't speculate with each other I don't need cops at my door.

I love you all. Solidarity <3 Awoo

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